I'm Dana. I'm a director, writer, cinematographer, photographer, editor & musician with a passion for storytelling, both fictional & non-fictional. I graduated from Rowan University with a B.A. in radio/tv/film, but I've been shooting/editing video since the salad days of mini-dv, cutting my teeth on impromptu skate videos of friends after realizing I was nowhere near as talented on a skateboard as they were (a broken wrist may or may not have also influenced this decision).

Most recently, I worked at PCG, a digital marketing company in Eatontown, NJ, where I created numerous branding videos, played a large role in a full agency rebrand, shot event & travel footage, conceptualized advertising campaigns, & took product photos.

Before that, I worked at a startup production house in Portland, Maine (Make Sense Productions) where I worked as part of an extremely small team conceptualizing, developing and executing a daily satirical news show lampooning the current state of mass media (no shortage of material there). I was the only staff member to work in all facets of production, including directing, shooting, interviewing, editing, acting, writing, creating motion graphics, composing original music & designing logos, all on extremely tight deadlines.

Are you a media company in need of some visual flair? A marketing agency looking for a writer who has an amaranthine appetite for alliteration, but isn't really sure what an adverb is? A producer willing to fund multi-million dollar arthouse films? Or do you wanna just grab a coffee & talk about our mutual love of Sheryl Crow? Feel free to contact me here or by Instagram.